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3 Easy Ways to Find More Time in Your Day

We all have days when time management seems like a dream instead of a reality. Some days, making the clock work for you instead of against you seems close to impossible. If so, it might be time to reevaluate the strategies you are using to organize your day. What other tools could you be using to save your practice’s most precious commodity? Here are three methods that can help you organize your time. 

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1. Re-evaluate Your Time Management Tactics

Keep track of how you are spending your time. Write it down in detail. Do you tend to start one task, put it down and go back to it later? Maybe completing one task before starting another will help you check off more items at the end of the day.

What about interactions with your team? Are you so focused on keeping them productive that you neglect your own to-do list? Try this: Ask each team member to record their tasks for the day and send them to you in a quick, to-the-point email daily for a week. This will give you a good idea of who is doing what without micromanaging.  

Getting a clear picture of what each team member is contributing may also help you scale back on team meetings. Having a list of completed tasks at the end of the day allows for everyone at your practice to be keenly aware of who is accountable for each task. That kind of clarity encourages harmony.

2. Use Apps to Maximize Efficiency

There are many time-management tools available for your laptop and phone. Why not take advantage of apps and software? They can be extremely valuable for keeping track of hours and productive time. Everyone can benefit from efficiency apps. There’s no need to manage all aspects of your business manually unless that method works for you; if so, stick to it.

Take advantage of scheduling apps and software, too. You can schedule next-appointment reminder emails to patients instead of sending them in real time. This keeps you in regular contact with your patients and can help with retention, as well. 

3. Consider Express Check-In

One late patient can throw the whole day off schedule. Make it easier for your patients to register at the desk. Provide forms online for them to fill out before they set foot in your office and offer touchscreens to help them check in with a few touches. This saves time and prevents you from earning a reputation as a practice that always runs late. 

Your patients will not want to fill out redundant forms. Rework any documents or forms where possible to prevent redundancy.

Successful business leaders are experts at time management. Put methods in place that allow for concrete, quantitative results to measure productivity. Utilize technology designed to make your life easier and create a more pleasant patient experience. If you need help with time management and practice efficiencies, call our office and talk to our experienced dental consulting team.

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