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Often the doctor/owner knows something in the practice is not right. Production may be low, moral is non-existent, the hygiene schedule is sparse or a cash flow is not enough to cover expenses. Often it takes an additional set of eyes to see things objectively. We have the tools to explore every area of your business, crunch numbers, observe daily function and offer the “treatment plan” that will allow you the options to consider to obtain your desired “perfect smile”.

Business Collaboration

It is simple—easy as 1,2,3.

Analysis: a dedicated member of our consulting team spends time in your office observing your daily operation. We review every intricacy of your business from how many times the phone rings, staffing analysis, OSHA, HIPAA, charting, fee analysis and productive scheduling. We review verbal skills, post-operative instructions, and satisfaction calls. We literally scrutinize every detail about your business that matters. We gather data to copulate options that coordinate with the goals you have for your business and your life. Overall, we assess the efficiency of your business and what can be added to increase productivity and profitability to your present situation

Presentation: After preparing your “treatment plan” we share the findings in a written report with conclusions and recommendations

Implementation: Although the Presentation is thorough enough for self-implementation, it is used as a guide to choose the solution and program that is best for your immediate goals and long-term goals. Our implementation always begins with the end in mind and is supported by science-your practice numbers.

How can I become more successful? How can I care for more patients, have more clients and service more customers? If only I had more people in my chair……

Many business owners feel that their success level will rise exponentially by increasing the number of new patients, customers, clients that come into their business. The truth is, “Your success level will rise exponentially by increasing the quality of service, care, confidence and professionalism that you offer your patients, customers, clients that come into your business.”

Understanding that reality plays less a role in decision making than perception, Theresa brings the experience of over 30 years to your team to magnify your potential! Every team has an exorbitant amount of potential but as a piece of coal, often need a jeweler to expose the facets of the diamond.

Because adults are visual learners, their first impression is imperative. If the first impression is a marketing piece, an initial phone call or an interaction with a member of your team, it has to be great; it has to be congruent with your entire message.

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