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Exhausted, overwhelmed and burned out. Not the adjectives that we would want to use to describe ourselves, our loved ones or those we work with.

Conversely– energized, strategic and focused is what we would prefer our adverb bank to be filled with!

Why does it look easy for some? Why is it a constant struggle for others and what can we do to make the leap?

  1. Find a way to FEEL what is necessary for you to be nurtured. Sometimes it is a quiet time. Time for you to be in touch with your mind, body, soul and spirit. Time to balance what you know and what you feel. Listen to your body. During the easiest of times, your body will let you know what to do, how to do it and how long it should take. During the endless 12 months of this pandemic, suppressing what your body is telling you may not be the healthiest choice. Choose one small thing that you can do for you that will make you feel nurtured.
  2. Get up and GO. Movement can reinvigorate and reenergize. Do it a little at a time. Find something you like; walk, yoga or simply stretch. Begin at a designated time for a short duration. As time goes on add time or different movement to your routine. Movement will trigger endorphins that reduce pain and trigger pleasure.
  3. CONNECT to others. Call and tell someone that you have been thinking about them. Let them share concerns with you and share your concerns with them. Send an e-mail or an actual note in the USPS. Drop off a meal, snack, fruit basket or seasonal decoration. The isolation of COVID has been costly. Although we cannot physically connect, we can still connect emotionally and spiritually.

It is true that we did not ask for the circumstances that have been given us, but we certainly can maneuver through them with a different attitude by altering the way we FEEL, MOVE and CONNECT. This is an exercise that you can do independently or as a group. You can add this to your morning huddle and/or routine team meetings. What could be better than you personally adding this to your daily routine? Of course! Having a group of like-minded people helping themselves and their team. What if…… we went one step further and got our patients involved and EVERYONE benefited? Remember, this is only a moment in time. Getting through this moment and helping others through this moment will put us all in the best position to thrive instead of just to survive!

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