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Time is your most valuable resource. Time management can be challenging on certain days, but it can also be impossible. Examine your current methods of organizing your schedule. Is there any other tool you could be using to keep your practice’s most valuable asset intact? Consider these three solutions shared by our dental speaker.

1. Review Your Management Techniques

Without spending a dime, you can buy time. Implement a new method of monitoring practice productivity. In a quick email, have your team document their activities for the day. A quantitative listing of duties for each staff member allows the easy reference in the future. Using this technique, you don’t have to micromanage your staff by asking them, “What are you doing today?”.” A full day of appointments makes it hard to implement managerial tasks.

By keeping track of what each team member contributes, you can cut down on daily meetings. Keeping track of the tasks completed at the end of the day helps everyone at your practice be aware of who must take responsibility for what.

2. Optimize your productivity with apps

“Time lost cannot be regained.” How can you make use of this information in your daily tasks? Keeping track of your practice can be made more accessible by utilizing various services and applications available on your mobile device. Such applications can be beneficial to your practice. Modern technology allows businesses to manage all aspects of their operations without relying on manual processes.

Using scheduling software and apps is beneficial. Rather than sending emails in real-time, you can schedule them to remind patients to book their next appointment at your office. It can be a valuable tool for patient retention because it keeps you in constant contact with your patients. You can save time by using apps such as these and keeping track of how your practice is doing. 

3. Take advantage of a faster check-in

The time that slips through your fingers is not always your team’s fault. It only takes one late patient to throw the entire day off. Be sure to make registering your patients as simple as possible. Our dental business coach recommends to prepare complaint forms online so that patients can fill them out before attending the office. It will help run your practice smoothly if your patients can fill out forms in advance. Work with your patients to ensure a smoother and faster registration process, so you do not earn a reputation for being behind schedule. This will prevent patients from completing redundant forms. If possible, rework any documents or forms so that your patients do not have to fill out the same information more than once.

Time management is a skill that successful business leaders possess. Make sure strategies are in place to measure productivity with factual data. With technology, you can assist your patients, make your life easier, and save time. Be proactive and rethink your time management strategies rather than watching sand fall through the timer.

Contact our dental office consultant with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

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