What to Consider Before Buying New Dental Equipment

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No matter how well-equipped your office, eventually time, wear, and changes in technology will require you to purchase additional or replacement dental equipment. However, before you take the plunge with a big purchase, there are a few key factors to think about.

First, take your time.

Like with any other major purchase, rushing into a decision can be costly. Instead, spend several weeks in preparation for this choice. Meet with your dental CPA about any tax implications and ask if there is an optimal time to make such a purchase.

Next, ask yourself these 17 questions

It may seem like a lot to ask, but you’ll be thanking yourself later when you’ve found the best technology at the right price. So, consider the following factors carefully to be sure you are choosing the right dental equipment for your needs:

  1. What is the main purpose of this equipment?
  2. What features do you want/need it to have?
  3. Are you and your team going to need extensive training to use it?
  4. How often is this equipment going to be used?
  5. Will it fit the space available?
  6. Will you have to make changes to the space to use this equipment (ie, wiring, utility connections, etc)?
  7. Is the manufacturer reliable?
  8. Does the manufacturer provide good service for their equipment?
  9. How long should this equipment last?
  10. What is the expected benefit of this upgrade?
  11. When do you plan to have it installed and in use?
  12. If this equipment is to allow new services, is there a demand for those services in your practice/community?
  13. Will your pricing for your services offset the investment cost and still be competitive in your market?
  14. If the equipment you are buying is used, have you obtained an independent opinion on its condition?
  15. How does the cost compare to other models? Other manufacturers?
  16. Can you purchase directly from the manufacturer to save on cost?
  17. Have you compared pricing from a variety of sources online?

While not all of these may apply to every purchase, they’re a great way to deter an impulse buy or dreaded buyer’s remorse. When it comes to buying major dental equipment, slow and easy wins the race and research is your best friend. Recommendations from other dentists or your dental CPA can also be helpful in narrowing your search.

The right equipment improves your quality of care.

Your dental equipment plays a vital role in the quality of care you are able to provide to your patients. When it is time to add or replace a piece of that equipment, make sure you take plenty of time to research, refine, and select the right piece for your practice. This will help you be certain that your investment will bring value to your practice for years to come.

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