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Dominika is a seasoned professional boasting over two decades of multifaceted experience in the dental industry. Her rich career journey spans roles such as a dental assistant, receptionist, office manager, dental hygienist, hygiene manager, public speaker, dental consultant, and safety compliance trainer, bestowing upon her an impressive breadth of insight and hands-on familiarity.

A passionate advocate for the dentistry field, Dominika prides herself on her ability to resonate with every member of your team, given her firsthand experience in diverse roles. Leveraging her well-rounded expertise, she imparts comprehensive training on the nuances of running a successful dental office, from patient management to back-end operations.

However, what truly sets Dominika apart is her profound understanding and focus on regulatory compliance within the dental sphere. Her dedication to safety adherence is evident in her commitment to staying updated with the latest OSHA and CDC guidelines. Dominika works relentlessly to ensure that your dental office not only flourishes but also operates within the bounds of the most recent safety standards.

As she embarks on her journey as a business partner, Dominika seeks to utilize her vast experience and regulatory acumen to ensure a smooth transition of client portfolios. Her objective is to maintain the exemplary service standards that your clients have come to expect and to propel the office’s success to greater heights through continuous innovation and exceptional service delivery. Inviting Dominika into your team means inviting a seasoned professional with a deep passion for dentistry, a holistic understanding of business management, and an unwavering commitment to safety and regulatory compliance.

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