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Michael J. Whitted, DDS

When I decided to open my own practice in 2005 I consciously decided that the best way to do it would be to surround myself with positive and successful people. I was looking for the kind of people who would encourage me and lift me higher. This said, I also wanted people who would step in with honesty and professionalism when there was something that needed change. There was only one guarantee when I opened my practice, and that was that I would make mistakes. I needed to be surrounded by those who had the knowledge and expertise to identify those mistakes and help me to minimize them.

Theresa Narantic was one of the first people that I selected to help me build my practice. She has worked with me since its inception. She has been there every step of the way and has guided my team and me throughout the years. She continually examines our practice with a critical eye and always makes suggestions to make us better. Whether it be a policy change, verbiage that the staff uses with patients, suggestions regarding productivity or collections, or even ideas regarding equipment or materials, Theresa always offers new ideas in a professional and friendly manner. She is well connected in the dental field and her network of resources is second to none. It is obvious that she and I share the priority of surrounding ourselves with greatness.

My practice has done extremely well over the past 12 years. Our patients are happy and satisfied and our numbers reflect that. I attribute this not only to the hard work of myself and my team, but also to Theresa’s hard work, dedication, and commitment to what we are doing.

Debra Engelhardt-Nash Knows Theresa Narantic has Heart


Melisa Burton, DDS – Director Of Clinics From UIC College Of Dentistry

Theresa has lectured at UIC College of Dentistry for many years. In this time, Theresa has proven to be a highly skilled presenter who is engaging and knowledgeable in a wide variety of management topics. Theresa’s dynamic style and practical “ready to use” tips are always well received by our students.

Dr. Wayne Kerr is ALL IN for Theresa


Paul N. Greico, DDS
Theresa Narantic has been an invaluable asset to my dental team. I have worked with Theresa for over twelve years. She was instrumental in helping me open my current dental office. As a Dentist, I had little knowledge in opening my first office. Theresa kept me abreast of all the necessary tasks that needed to be done…talking to my bank lender, drawing up a business model, making sure that our contractor was on time and under budget, writing an employee manual, writing advertising copy, educating my staff on systems, and so much more. It was great having someone with such a wealth of knowledge guiding me. She continues to track our office to make sure that if anything seems out of the norm that it is addressed before bad habits are formed. Theresa is a true professional; she is self-motivated and is truly invested in the success of our practice. Theresa has been recognized for her outstanding achievements, and we are blessed to have her on our team.

Tom Peck, DDS

Theresa has been wonderful in getting our practice on track and running efficiently. In today’s complicated world of dental insurance, human resources, marketing, continually changing technology and practice software, it is too overwhelming for a doctor to handle alone. And with Theresa, there is no need to.

Kent Shinozaki, DDS
Theresa helped me open my oral and maxillofacial surgery practice from scratch almost 4 years ago. Being a specialist and having no experience opening a practice, I understand the value of surrounding myself with individuals who are experts in their field. With a very customized plan, Theresa helped me with everything from practice branding to fee schedules. Opening a practice is very stressful, but by partnering with Theresa, I did not feel alone. She has opened countless successful dental practices She reassured me that with good planning, execution, and clinical skills, my practice would thrive. Her hand in hand approach allowed me to create a practice built on a strong foundation, based on her vast knowledge and experience. Although the financial burden of starting a practice is stressful, partnering with Theresa was a great investment for my future. Theresa is task oriented and understands the value of your time Without any reservation, I highly recommend Theresa.

Tonya Volk, DDS, MS – Hurley & Volk Orthodontics, Diplomate American Board Of Orthodontics

We have had Theresa speak at several events for us. She is always very professional, gets great crowd involvement and every topic is interesting and informative. We will continue to work with Theresa in the future and we highly recommend her!

Parul Jain, DDS

This presentation [From Start Up to Build Up] really gets you thinking again.



Sarah – Office Manager

The course touched on general and specialty practices. Information was relevant to an array of offices. Too often sessions such as this are specific to general practices.

Carol – Office Manager

This seminar “resets” your passion and mindset!




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