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Joy initially chose a career in dentistry because she enjoyed her work as a Dental Assistant more than the nighttime EMT job she had been working at the time. When a hygienist in her office suggested she consider dental hygiene, Joy embraced the opportunity. She earned her Associate of Applied Science from Prairie State College in 1998 and began her ongoing search for new ways to improve patient health and office efficiency.

With 3 years as a Dental Assistant, 2 as a Certified Orofacial Myologist, and 20 as a Registered Dental Hygienist, Joy understands the inner workings of a dental office as only an insider can. She finds it highly rewarding to bring her own experiences to help clients improve efficiency, operations, and their bottom line. Joy works hands-on with doctors and teams as a dental consultant to help the office run more smoothly and effectively, while reducing stress and increasing positivity.

Joy was married in Las Vegas in 1995 and now has 3 mostly-grown children – 2 boys and a girl. When not helping clients, she loves to read and to travel, but only to warm destinations!



“Joy Lantz has improved many aspects of our office. She created a periodontal protocol for our hygiene department and clarified the proper flow of patient recall within the first month. She is not afraid to suggest and execute marketing tactics, ideas for increase in productivity, keeping tabs on overdue patients, and pays attention to detailed office flow from front desk to the doctors. Because of her attentiveness, she is able to catch loose ends, and make suggestions to better our office. She is kind, yet straight forward and is clear in the direction she is headed when it comes to patient care. She is centered on her objectives to increase productivity within the office and bring new patients in for optimal oral health care.”
-Alyssamay LaBanca, RDH

“Joy Lantz is the most dedicated, goal-oriented woman I know. She ensures meaningful growth is facilitated with strategies that encourage success. Her innovative style and commitment to excellence is undeniable. Her ideas are relevant in today’s economic climate which bridge that difficult intra-office communication gap. Her vast experience will help transform any practice with her proactive one-on-one coaching.”
-Joan Smith, RDH

Joy Lantz opened doors to enhance my practice and revive my interest in complete patient care using new and innovative ideas. She has a hunger for knowledge and the passion to share it.”
-Ralph Ginn, DDS

“Joy Lantz is a true professional and does not settle for anything less than 100%. Joy’s energy, enthusiasm, and willingness to go the extra mile is an aset to anyone who is lucky enough to work with her.”
-Susan Quaranta, RDH, COM


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