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With the end of the year comes the mad dash to book unscheduled treatment before the clock strikes midnight and our patients’ benefits vanish. Here are 3 steps to taking advantage of unscheduled treatment and unused dental benefits before the year is up. 

Step 1: Run a Report

First things first, it’s time to figure out just how many patients have unscheduled treatment. Run an “unscheduled work” report to find which patients throughout the year were told they fillings, crowns, or other work with the dentist that needs to be done, but have yet to schedule their appointments. Of these people, there may be some that have already maxed their dental benefits and should wait until the new year to begin their work. More likely, the majority will have unused insurance money that will NOT be rolling over into the new year––those are the people we want to contact. 

Step 2: Reach Out

According to a 2017 report from the Lincoln Financial Group, 96% of all consumers wish their dental team explained their dental insurance plan and benefits to them. Benefits are a use ’em or lose ’em deal––so, don’t be afraid to contact patients who have unscheduled work and benefits to use. Remind your patients that their yearly insurance money will be gone come December 31st, but their need for treatment will still be there.

Step 3: Schedule for Now & Later

Get patients to say “yes” to scheduling their appointments in advance by emphasizing the benefits! By proactively scheduling treatment out, we can avoid the mad dash to schedule all work at the end of the year before benefits run out, as well as secure steady production throughout the year. We also want to make sure our patients are maximizing the dental benefits they have, so while you’re scheduling their current appointment, go ahead and get the following one on the calendar, too. You, your practice and your patient will all be thanking you later.

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